Top10 List – Tax-Free Dine-in joints in Kolkata

We are always worried these days when we step out to dine in at some restaurant, infact when we go for take-away or home-delivery the charges go up due to additional delivery or packaging charges. But anyway the tax component in the bill keeps bothering us. When you place the order from the menu card you won’t find this component in the proce you see there since the prices on menu card are mostly tax-exclusive. But there are exceptions here and there and this post is related to those exceptional dine-in joints which still do not charge any tax (as of March 2016). I might have to update this list later when they start charging taxes 🙂
As of today here is the list of top 10 dine-in joints in Kolkata according to me which do not charge extra taxes (like VAT, service tax, service charge, etc). Most of these places do not possess the suave, classy ambiance, but they are good enough to dine-in with your friends and family, though I am leaving out some of the biriyani houses which do not charge taxes. So here is the list –
10). FAIRLAWNS — Located at Sudder Street this place is absolutely cut out from all the din and bustle of the infuriating crowd of the urban city, the madness that you’ll find a few steps away at New Market is non-existent at this piece of lush green heaven! This is an open air beer bar and offers some good munching options from its quite varied menu. This place was established in 1783 and has loads of history and tales to tell. You can find my review of this place at –
9). THE DARJEELING — It is located just beside Saltlake City Centre Mall, at the ground floor of Gorkha Bhawan. The place is not that big, but still it is not cramped up either. The tables are bit spread out, and with less crowd around you feel a lot relaxed here. It is a neat little place serving great Tibetan and Chinese cuisine. There you will find wooden plank ceiling with red Chinese lamps hanging all over the place. The music deserves a special mention since they play very chosen Western soft rock numbers which are always pleasing to the ears. The food is really good, especially the pork items and this place deserves a visit. You can find my review of this place at –
8). ECSTASEA — This place serves coastal cuisine, try out their squid and octopus preparations. It is located on the Lake Road, but do not confuse that with Lake Terrace Road! The place is small though, it is sort of a ground floor garage turned to restaurant. As a result, it has a ceiling with low height and very few seating arrangements. There are total 6 tables which can accommodate maximum 17-18 guests at a time. But it serves some great seafood, so you can drop in if you wanna try those. You can find my review of this place at –
7). TUNG NAM — If you love the spirit of old Kolkata and the old-school Chinese cuisine, you will surely love Tung Nam at Territi bazaar.
You need to get down at Central Metro Station and take the lane alongside the dark Shivaji statue. You have to walk for a minute or two and then you will find the place on your left. It’s best if you turn on your GPS when you are coming out of the Central Metro station. The food is awesome though if you love old-school Chinese. Both in terms of food quality and quantity I will rate this place 5 out of 5, no doubt about that. Most of their dishes can be shared by two. You can find my review of this place at –
6). RAJ SPANISH CAFÉ — Located at Sudder street this place has got its inimitable charm and an extremely relaxed ambiance with amazing food at extremely reasonable price and mostly foreign tourists around. This place has the charm of old Calcutta embedded somewhere deep inside it. It teleports you back couple of decades and leaves you there with some great food and people around. If you are at Sudder Street please do visit this place for some great Spanish and Mexican cuisine. You can find my review of this place at –
5). BANANA LEAF — One of the best joints in the city serving South Indian Cuisine. I have been to both their joints, one near Rashbehari and the other at Saltlake Sector-5 area. The food is really authentic and amazing. Go for their Cheese masala dosa or the thalis with some filter coffee. You can find my review of this place at –
4). TAK HENG — This place is located on Southern Avenue, near the Thyagaraj Hall and the Blue Door Restaurant. You can expect some nice old-school Chinese cuisine here like at Tung Nam. Go for their gravy noodles, wanton soup and Roast chilli pork, bliss! You can find my review of this place at –
3). THE BLUE POPPY — It has got joints at Russel street and at Saltlake Sector-3, few of their branches have closed down in past one year or so. Hopefully these joints will keep going strong. They serve some of the best Tibetan and Chinese food in town at nominal rates. Try out their pork dishes like pork hot garlic, pork momos, etc. You can find my review of this place at –
2). WOODSTOCK 1969 — One newly opened music café opened based on the theme of the historic Woodstock festival held near New York in 1969. This place is located in an alley just beside the Greek Orthodox church near Kalighat Tram Depot and plays some awesome western rock music. Also you can buy framed rock posters at this place. Try out their pasta, burgers, chicken wings, butterbeer and Gondhoraj gelato. You can find my review of this place at –
1). SANTA’S FANTASEA — Coming to the number 1 spot! Coastal and Tribal cuisine at real affordable price these days isn’t a myth, thanks to food joints like Santa’s Fantasea. Kolkata foodies always love experimenting and when it came to sea-food items like squid, octopus or lobster it was no exception. This small place has got huge popularity these days and is a must-visit for all seafood lovers. You will find their outlets at Golpark and Saltlake Sector-1. Try out their Bansa Pora Muttonwith Soru Chakli, Smoked Octopus, Seafood Malaysian Rice… and many more. You can find my review of this place at –
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2 thoughts on “Top10 List – Tax-Free Dine-in joints in Kolkata

  1. Thank you for featuring us on this list. However, we'd like to clear a common misconception… We do not belong to the house of TUNG NAM. Our styles of cooking are similar as it was our intention to bring the flavours of old Chinatown to South Kolkata. Chef Michael of Tung Nam helped us run the kitchen in the initial days but we are not legally connected with TUNG NAM. You may want to edit the post accordingly.

    Warm Regards

    Prithvish Chakravarti
    Team TAK HENG


  2. Got your point, it should have been from the kitchens of Tung Nam, that creates quite a bit of confusion, it's better not to tag it to another restaurant 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, I've edited the post.


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