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Let me introduce you to Cook My Wish! This is not just another regular restaurant or a café, this is an inimitable culinary meet-up concept and frankly speaking I am in love with this concept! Few weeks back I was contacted by the owner of this place and I was introduced to this NEWLY OPENED food-ordering portal through a food tasting session. CookMyWish is actually an initiative with loads of positive social implications and it is basically a website named “”. This is a women-only home-chef portal focused on Kolkata (as of now), dedicated to serving the needs of home-makers and enabling them to benefit form the power of internet. Using a Technology-plus-Services model, they are running an ‘Assisted Marketplace’ – where women, including those who are not very familiar with the web technologies, can get a store up and running with CookMyWish’s help. This is really an innovative concept and many homemakers can make good use of their free time and can earn in this process, which will in turn improve their emotional, social and financial health. CookMyWish was started couple of months back with 3 chefs but now they have 15+ chefs and bakers enrolled with them – serving a variety of cuisines – starting from North Indian, Bengali, Chinese, South Indian to Thai, Japanese and Continental. Their USP is HOME-COOKED; HOME DELIVERED which is really crucial these days with not-too-healthy street-food invading our meals every now and then! Also it is a boon for those who are staying away from home. You need to just log on to their portal and let them know your ‘wish’, they will ‘cook’ as per your wish and deliver the food right at your door-steps – that is Cook My Wish for you 🙂

USER INTERFACE OF THE PORTAL – – – – – I would like to start with my experience of their portal which is the basic platform here. The portal tells you that you get free home delivery and you can also opt for Cash on Delivery which is really encouraging. Let’s discuss about the UI or the User Interface. When you are at the home page of the website you can start your navigation either by going to the dropdown named ‘Browse Chef’s kitchen’ or by going to the dropdown ‘Menu’. It is best to browse by their Chefs, like I did. After a couple of orders you can be certain of the kind of food you wanna order from here. The UI is quite user friendly, though I believe there can be more options added here like ‘chef chat’ or ‘saving preferences’, etc. They also have a ‘Featured Dishes’ section which displays the popular dishes across all the kitchens with their pictures. Similarly they have a section called ‘featured chefs’ where you can go to the kitchen of your favorite chef directly by clicking on the picture of the chef, here it will be good if the pictures of all the chefs are in sync, i.e. with some similar background that gives an uniform feel. While you are placing the order, i.e. when you are in your Cart, they give you an option to mention your preferences/instruction for the chef like ‘cook with less oil’ or ‘make it less spicy’, etc. I really like this part and it is quite necessary as well. You can also pick your desired delivery date and time slot for convenience. Overall the website has all the ingredients to keeps the lights ON, but it can further be improved by more brain storming sessions and more user testings, also an Introduction (depicting the concept of CookMyWish) built with flash is required in the homepage which the user can choose to skip and proceed to the food ordering section.
FOOD DELIVERY and PACKAGING – – – – – The food delivery part is really impressive. Though my food reached a bit late than the promised time but the delivery person never called me up for directions, he was right at my door-steps with the food. The person was very courteous and soft-spoken. The packaging was good and quite usual, though there were no spillovers. The list of the item names was clearly written on a container in a piece of paper which was very helpful. CookMyWish offers complete logistics service covering the entire Kolkata city; the delivery boys pick up food from the chefs and deliver it to the customers.

FOOD TASTING – – – – – For this food tasting session I opted for Continental food from a particular Chef’s Kitchen. The below food items were delivered to me and I must say I have never tasted such amazing fusion-continental food in last couple of years. Here are the items:
a) Carrot Tomato Soup with toast – This soup gave the perfect start to the meal. It was as expected reddish orange in color and thick in overall density. It tasted and looked great garnished with some minced leaves; the taste was soothing and tad garlicky. The toast was perfect, brown, crispy and crunchy. Overall the soup with the toast was quite filling.

b) Shrimp stuffed pumpkin flower fritters – This dish was very innovative according to me and I was amazed by the overall taste it had to offer. The pumpkin flower had a moderately thin skin and was generously stuffed with shrimps and minced coriander leaves mixture. It was then deep fried but it was not too oily which was really nice. The overall aroma and flavor was overwhelming. An awesome starter. Must try!
c) Mutton Keema Sugarcane stick – I guess this dish again redefined innovation in the food domain. I have never tasted anything close to this before! The idea is really out of the box that sets you apart and creates a positive impression in an instance. This dish comprised of fresh mutton keema dough wrapped around a thin sliced sugarcane stick. The mutton keema was very flavorful and you can bite into the sugarcane stick to get the sweet juice with every bite of the keema jacket. The keema jacket had minced onion and coriander leaves in it and was very tasty and aromatic. The chemistry between mutton keema and sugarcane juice has been well explored! Kudos for that. The keema jacket was so fresh and soft that it was falling apart with every bite. An awesome dish. Must try! 

e) Bekti in Orange Sauce – Though this shouldn’t have been packed but still the final product which I received was very tasty, aromatic and fresh. The dish had lovely fried and semi-fried chopped onions all over it. The orange sauce was sweet and flavorful. The Bekti fish was well-prepared and fresh, but it was a tad too fried causing slight chewiness. Though I liked that texture as well, it can be made like melt-in-your-mouth texture but this variant was also well accepted. Also I was provided with sautéed veggies like broccoli and beans which were well prepared like they should be.

f) Drunken Bundi –  It was again a nice sweet dish, with bundi (which is a water droplet sized deep fried crispy snack prepared from gram flour and few spices) dipped in a milky liquid soaking it all up.
g) Daaber Payesh –  This was again one hell of an innovative sweet dish! I was thoroughly impressed with this one. It was filled with coconut crumbs in sweet thickened milk. It had the unadulterated aroma of tender coconut and tasted just like tender coconut, it’s one flavor I absolutely love in sweet dishes. Awesome sweet dish! Must try!   
SUMMARY – – – – – Here are my granular ratings:
Food quantity: 4/5
Food quality: 4.5/5
Food Innovation: 5/5
Business Concept: 4.8/5
Value for money: 4/5
Website rating: 3.7/5
Delivery: 4/5
My OVERALL RATING comes to 4.3 out of 5 which is just awesome according to my evaluation standards and history!  

CONCLUSION – – – – – Since all the chefs at CookMyWish are primarily housewives or rather homemakers with families they do need a day’s advance order. Food is never pre-cooked here; only after the order is received through their website, the chef buys the ingredients and starts cooking, that assures you the best quality and freshness in the ingredients used.
They not only provide a platform for homemakers but also conduct regular checks of the kitchens and they know all their chefs personally which assures you that nothing can go wrong and there is end-to-end support available, if needed. CookMyWish also has regular tiffin service which is surely a good news for students and professionals staying away from home.
I guess we should all step forward to support this humble women-centric venture that has immense potential and can give any renowned restaurant a run for their money in terms of taste, aroma and innovation of dishes in this food domain. So I urge you to go ahead and place an order with them, I am sure you will end up with a pleasant experience! 🙂


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