Got ‘desserted’ at Delice, Novotel (Kolkata)

Novotel with its headquarters in France has got nearly 400 hotels and resorts in 60 countries. The grandiose structure and interiors generates immense awe which is hard to explain in words, so I won’t try to depict that here in this quick review. The overall experience was lovely and while we were leaving we promised to visit the place more often for reasons more than one.
LOCATION – – – – – The property is located just beside Axis Mall which is now quite a landmark in the Newtown Action Area – I region. It is very easy to locate the building by passers-by as it has got a prime location right beside the flyover and the main road (that is connecting Rajarhat and Saltlake Sector-5.
AMBIANCE – – – – – As I had said in the introductory paragraph, the interiors are world-class and you feel overwhelmed when you walk inside the property. Obviously the place has got valet parking which is smooth and seamless.  At this 5-star property you can choose to rejuvenate yourself in the way you like, and we chose to indulge in some sinful desserts at their bakery called, Delice so that we could end that weekend on a sweet note! It is a bakery cum an open Air Terrace outlet serving Mediterranean & Arabic cuisine through live counters. We chose to have their bakery products and were seated indoors which had high ceilings, awesome interiors and standards absolutely at par with the other 5-star properties I have been to. The soft background music which was being played at the restaurant area was very pleasing; mostly saxophone instrumentals were being played that evening. The place has got some remarkable cleanliness quotient and the staffs are working pretty hard to keep the place clean on a continuous basis. Overall, I would say 5 on 5 for ambiance.
FOOD – – – – – We ordered the below items from this bakery:
a) Macaroons – One of the best French Macaroons (or rather, Macarons) I have had so far in the city. We opted for Coffee flavored Macaroons and Vanilla Macaroons. Both of them were excellent though I liked the Coffee flavored ones a bit more. The macaroon cookies were neither flat nor cracked, so the mixture/batter must have been prepared perfectly. It had a lovely texture, nice ruffled circumference, mildly moist and was just melting in the mouth. Gives immense pleasure and satisfaction when you have this piece of gastronomical marvel on your plate!   
b) Danish – This multilayered pastry from Denmark next conquered our plates. It had nice sweet puff that you can get from fine rolling your yeast dough. We really loved the juicy sugary layered finish to it that was surely not overtly sweet, it optimally satisfies your taste buds and fills you up a bit.
c) Chocolate Mud Slice – This piece of mud cake looked so perfect, so royal when served. It was covered with ganache on top that made it more appealing and appetizing! It was extremely chocolaty and should satiate your wildest cravings for Chocolate in a moment. It has gooey chocolaty soft crust or rather mud filling up the whole slice end to end. A piece of heaven for chocolate lovers!
d) Chocolate Doughnut – It was a glazed toroidal ring doughnut with thin covering of chocolate. The dough must have been prepared well as it had a nice fluffy inside. Overall the item was above average and filling.
e) Opera Cake – Oh I just loved this. It was a chocolate pastry with loads of difference. It was covered with ganache on top that made it extremely enticing. The inside had an amazing finely grounded nutty texture to it that just blew me away! I don’t remember if I had ever tasted something like this in pastries before. Very pocket pleasing price and hence should be tired out for sure.
f) Fresh Fruit pastry – This white colored pastry had fresh canned fruits (Kiwis, etc) on top of it that made it look stunning and appetizing. It was extremely soft and tasted amazing, not very sweet but soul satisfying for sure.
PRICE – – – – – Now comes the best part, if you are at this bakery you need not worry about the pocket pinch. Yes, it is in a 5-Star property with top-notch quality product being served but at amazing pocket-friendly rates. The Macaroons will cost you INR 40 per piece and most of the pastries with cost you below INR 100. Taxes will be charged extra on the printed price, but overall the bill amount should not hurt your wallet!
SERVICE – – – – – We were extremely pleased with the service here; it was very professional yet warm. The person looking after our table was extremely well spoken and courteous, which was expected at this place. They were also helpful while selecting items / placing the order and had knowledge about the available items and ingredients of the items available.
SUMMARY – – – – – Here are my granular ratings:
Food quantity: 3.6/5
Food quality: 4/5
Food presentation: 4.2/5
Hygiene: 4.4/5
Value for money: 4.2/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Overall I will rate this place 4 out of 5. I will be back pretty soon to try out rest of the items they have to offer since this first experience of mine was absolutely brilliant. Moreover since this place is pretty close to my apartment it is absolutely very convenient for me to host small chit-chat sessions at this place with my friends while savoring these delicious desserts and sinful gastronomical wonders! Do visit them and I am sure you will be amazed with the entire experience!


Delice - Novotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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