Frozen Treats at Pabrai’s Naturelle Icecream

I was introduced to Pabrai’s few moths back with a gift coupon from Zomato, but that was for their Paddapukur branch. Ever since then I was eyeing for this outlet at Saltlake which is relatively closer to my place. And after this second visit of mine, I felt more in love with the brand that promises to give you a glimpse of the revelation they have been in this domain (of dessert parlors) with every bite of that ice cream.
LOCATION – – – – – Locating this branch of Pabrai’s is pretty easy. It is there inside the City Centre 1 complex quite close to an entry point near the INOX counters. It is a small kiosk here and maximum two-three persons can stand inside that kiosk. The kiosk is quite strategically placed since loads of movie goers tend to grab a cone before / after their movie. Car parking is obviously not an issue since City Centre has got its own parking area and provisions.
AMBIANCE – – – – – As said earlier, it is just a small humble kiosk with space to accommodate couple of servers. When I was there, two people were serving the scoops. You can stand and have your ice cream or sit at the nearby waiting areas close to the INOX ticket counters. The kiosk has got names of ice cream flavors written all over the place that makes selecting your flavor a bit easier. The servers are dressed in black Pabrai’s T-shirts and are very proficient.
FOOD – – – – – I already had an idea of Pabrai’s magical flavors, so this time I was well prepared for that explosion of glory after having their scoops of joy! They have got loads of unconventional flavors (like Wasabi, Anjeer, Bubblegum, Lemongrass, Apple Pie, Tender coconut, Green Tea, etc) most of which are not available anywhere else in the city. Apart from that they have popular ones like Nolen Gur, Paan, etc and also the conventional flavors like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, etc. You will be spoilt for choices once you are at this place for sure, more so because all their flavors are so true to its name and extremely freshly prepared. On this visit of mine I tried their South Indian Filter Coffee, Anjeer, Lemongrass and Tender Coconut. The Filter coffee flavored scoop was extremely dark and intense in flavors yet very smooth from deep inside. Anjeer was a delight to to have, it was optimally sweet and had fresh chunks of anjeer or dried figs in every bite. Lemongrass flavored icecream was very uncommon in regular ice cream parlors to be very true (I’ve seen it in some Fine dine restaurants, etc), the bits of real lemongrass in the icecream with the awesome flavor was amazing as well as thrilling, for the first time I tasted lemongrass somewhere outside the Thai dishes! 🙂 And then comes Tender Coconut which is one of my favorites at this place, it is very soothing on your tastebuds. The fresh creamy tender coconut flavor with soft bits of coconut in it makes it a real awesome treat. All these three flavors score full marks in terms of quality and taste, must try!
SERVICE – – – – – Service is extremely prompt and I found it a tad warmer than their Paddapukur branch maybe because of the less rush at this Saltlake outlet (when I was there). The billing process was pretty smooth and cash was accepted. The servers were well informed about the various ice cream flavors and were quite friendly.
SUMMARY – – – – – If you haven’t yet tried ice creams at Pabrai’s then you are surely missing out on something! It is a gem of a dessert parlor and extremely unique because of its unconventional flavors which when tried is surely an experience. Also the ice creams are priced reasonably and worth every penny. The creamy frozen treats with fresh premium quality ingredients comes in waffle cones or cups and is sure to satisfy your inner soul with their honest flavors. Do try them out at your nearest branch!

Pabrai's Fresh and Naturelle Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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