Chocolate Tasting at Sylph Chocolates, Saltlake

Chocolate tasting in itself is a skill and enjoying premium quality chocolate is a blissful experience like nothing else. Every chocolate has its unique set of flavor profiles and like we know, the flavor compounds found in a dark chocolate exceeds the ones present in a red wine. Talking about dark chocolates, recently I was contacted by social media marketing organization, Graphicsque who invited me for a chocolate tasting at the newly opened home confectionary called “Sylph Chocolates” at BK block, Saltlake. I received one lovely Chef special pack of sixteen assorted luxury chocolates, neatly packed with branded black colored ‘Sylph Chocolates’ ribbons. The packaging was wonderful and that attracts eyeballs for sure. 
It is also perfect to be gifted to your loved ones or friends. We all know that chocolate is best enjoyed when it is savored slowly and not quickly eaten. So I patiently clicked some pictures for my review before delving deep into the complex flavors of dark chocolates 🙂
Since cocoa bean is the source of all chocolates, its characteristics and hence the flavor of the chocolate varies from one geography to another, we often realize that dark chocolate bar of one brand tastes so different from that of another brand, there are several factors involved in this variance but surely the source plays a major role in deciding the flavor and the richness. Here the box (from Sylph Chocolates) in front of me had some really interesting soft home-made chocolates, that too in so many flavors. The pack had eight unique flavors and there were two pieces of each flavor, enough for my tasting purpose.  Now let us check out these eight flavored chocolates and run through some of their characteristics that I found worth sharing –
a) Coffee – First of all it looked solid and stunning, the best looking chocolate of the lot. It is coffee flavored dark chocolate, quite rich and smooth. It has got no filling inside. The flavor of coffee infused in the chocolate is pretty mild. The mildness is tad on the lower side and can be increased to an optimum level. 
b) Strawberry – It is again a dark chocolate with fillings of strawberry flavored pink colored chocolate and strawberry flavored jelly inside. Just put it in our mouth and let the flavors do the magic, the intense and complex flavors will surely take you by surprise. Recommended!
c) Caramel – It looks really nice and has a rich filling of caramel inside the dark chocolate covering. The caramel is mild flavored and gives overall depth to this piece. You can get the caramel filling inside by breaking the piece into half. When broken it resonates with a resounding snap and exhibit a fine gradient along the broken edge.
d) Paan – The aroma of paan masala hits you as soon as you unwrap this chocolate. The looks are pretty ordinary and predictable. There is a thin line where you can press gently with your teeth to break open the chocolate. The centre houses some not-so-hard, bit mushy chocolate with loads of paan essence and so it actually should not be broken into two halves before consuming! It should be consumed as a whole. The outer covering is of solid dark chocolate and overall the stuff tastes good.
e) Nuts – Though I am not fond of nutty chocolates but I went on to taste this variant of Sylph Chocolates. It had crushed nuts inside dark chocolate which I thought was pretty unique. Some portion of the nut was finely crushed was some had bigger pieces of crushed nuts and almonds. Here you won’t find any whole nut inside the chocolate occupying most of the spaces, here it is mostly rich and smooth chocolate mixed with crushed nuts, which is a better approach.
f) Cracker – I love Hershey’s chocolates with such crackers inside, so I was excited to try this one out. Here the chocolate looked nice and solid and when you take a bite you will realize you have got loads of crackers inside your mouth which are such fun to consume in dark chocolate. But here this stuff lacked mint chocolate chips which if added could have done wonders. The round buttery globules of crackers are fluffy and crack inside your mouth once you bite them. The entire stuff was fresh, rich and yummy!
g) Orange – Fresh orangey aroma hits you as soon as you unwrap the chocolate. It looks more or less like the strawberry chocolate but tastes very different, as expected. It has a mushy chocolate filling inside with tangy orange flavor. Size of the stuff is bit smaller though the dark chocolate and orange combo goes well, but I would suggest the orangish flavor can be made a tad stronger to make things even more exciting.
h) Nutella – The stuff looks pretty good. Beware; it cracks open if you press gently with your teeth and the sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread spills out. The dark chocolate covering is aptly quite thin. This is one of the best and thoughtful chocolates I have had in a long time. Best of the lot!
Overall, it was a lovely experience tasting all these silky home-made chocolates. Would surely try out their chocolate bars later and the brownies.  They are also reasonably priced apart from being freshly home-made, so it is a great option for gifting your loved ones. 
I wish the team all the best for their future endeavors and hope Sylph Chocolates climbs greater heights in the coming days. Do try them out if you already haven’t.


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