Satiate your meat cravings at Steak Factory

To satiate my meat cravings we decided to visit Steak Factory. And when we came out after that sumptuous meal we realized that it was one great decision to choose this place for our lunch. A foodie can ask for nothing else when courteous staff, warm ambiance and great food everything comes together at one single place. It is surely one hidden gem to many who do not frequent these places that much.
LOCATION – – – – –  The place is located at Southern Avenue quite close to Mudiali Club and Menoka Cinema, since it is very close to Menoka Cinema that direction worked good for me. But still I would say it might just be a bit tricky to reach the spot and hence you may use google maps to locate this place correctly.
AMBIANCE – – – – –  If you are very familiar with South Kolkata residential buildings then you would find this structure pretty familiar and homely. The ground floor of a house has been converted to this restaurant. But I would say the interiors have been done very well with Hollywood movie posters and Hollywood actors of bygone era adorning most of the walls, the place has got some Wild West feel to it with the cowboy hat placed on a shelf at the billing counter. The red brick wall finish of the interior has got an extremely good finish and just sets the mood right. 
The solid wood tables and sitting arrangements are perfect and quite comfortable. The place is not so big and it might be an issue if a large group plans to visit this place, but then they can surely make arrangements to accommodate them in the best possible way. The place is definitely bigger than their New Alipore branch and that is the biggest plus I guess. Also they play lovely English numbers starting from John Denver to Coldplay, which goes so well with the ambiance and sets the perfect mood for the meal.
FOOD – – – – –  We decided to go only for steaks, but then we ended up ordering for Barbeque Pork Ribs and Factory Special Beef Cheese Steak. Let us discuss a bit about these dishes now:
(a) FACTORY SPECIAL BEEF CHEESE STEAK – The plate had sautéed veggies like carrot, beans, cauliflower, bits of corn which were well prepared, along with these there were lovely onion rings which were lightly tossed with some herbs. Along with these, there was a small bowl of red wine sauce and some mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes could have been much better and they need to work on this, the proportion of cream and milk were not right in there, also quality of potatoes used can be better as it didn’t smell that good. Now comes the best and the most important part of this dish, the beef steak itself which was done Medium Rare. It was really well marinated with spice rub and nicely grilled, it had a coating of cheese on top of it which indicates the grilled steak was later baked with this cheese. As a result the overall steak was firm but it was quite juicy in the centre with soft fibers, not at all chewy; it was one of the best beef steaks I had in the city. The combination of the steak and the cheese atop it made it even more amazing. You can surely try this out!
(b) BARBEQUE PORK RIBS – It was kind of a melt-in-your-mouth dish. These dishes are best done if you are preparing it with baby back or regular pork ribs. The ribs were tender, moist and just slided off of the bone. We just loved them, had a bit too much fat according to me, but then that was acceptable since the overall dish was amazing! It was kinda smoky and had the cooked-on-the-grill flavor. It was very well marinated with the spice rub and prepared to perfection. The barbeque sauce all over the dish made it absolutely lip smacking. But one thing I didn’t like, we were served with French Fries and were never asked if we would like to have Mashed Potatoes instead! The dish also had sautéed veggies in it like carrot, beans, cauliflower and bits of corn. Again you can surely go for this dish, recommended!
SERVICE – – – – –  The person looking after our table was extremely polite, patient and helpful, he was also well aware of the dishes and the ingredients. The service was prompt and the billing process was speedy. Cards are accepted, no issues with that.
OVERALL – – – – –  Here are my granular ratings:
Food quantity: 3.7/5
Food quality: 4.3/5
Food presentation: 4.4/5
Value for money: 3.9/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
As said earlier, the quality of food is a big plus point here. Only one thing – all the taxes charged make the dining experience a bit expensive and that is aided by the fact that the quantity of food served is not on the higher side, so you may tend to order more. But the steaks really will make you come back to this place and I’ll be back pretty soon to try out more from their menu which seems pretty inviting ad exciting to me! A big thumbs up from my side.

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