Homeflavour, Saltlake – Food Tasting Session

Homeflavour is one of the NEWLY OPENED thali joints for your regular consumption that is solely based on the home-delivery and take-away model. So you can enjoy these homemade delicacies sitting right at your home or office. I noticed that things are tried and kept simple here, the honest fresh ingredients are being used which always builds the backbone of a healthy meal and keeps you going in the long run. This place encourages healthy eating habits which is really nice to discover. For an ardent non-vegetarian like me it is really hard to be impressed with regular vegetarian meals, but this place sure has that Midas touch in the ‘flavour’ that surely reminds you of ‘home’ 🙂
Since I was invited to this place I won’t be able to comment on their delivery speed, packaging, etc; but I can surely vouch for their warmth and hospitality which is definitely a key in this industry. The owner, Mr. Vikaas Verma values this ‘service’ part very much, so I’m confident they will do their best in this department. You can order food from this place by simply giving them a call an hour in advance, the time that they demand is only for your good 🙂 Because they try to prepare the meal freshly after the order is received and then the stuffs will be foil packed so that it reached you warm enough to consume. They can keep on delivering you food regularly if you opt for their monthly packages or you can go for weekly packages, whichever is convenient. Also the food comes at pretty reasonable rates considering the quality, hygiene and service.
FOOD – – – – – Let’s discuss the THALI STRUCTURE: Their thalis come at four different rates – you get the basic thali at INR 59 that comprises of four rotis or rice along with Dal or some veg gravy dish, along with this you’ll get some real home-made pickle. The next thali comes at INR 79 which has got both Rice and 4 rotis along with Dal and veg gravy side dish, home-made pickle and green salad. I believe this thali is an awesome one to have at such reasonable price. The next thali is for INR 99 that has everything the INR 79 thali has, additionally you get papad and one Veg dry side dish.
The biggest thali that you can have at this place will cost you INR 149 that will surely give you more than one wholesome meal! It has got – 4 rotis, rice, dal, gravy side dish, dry side dish, pickle, green salad, papad, curd and sweets. Basically it has everything you can ask for and if I talk in terms of Set Theory it is definitely the Super Set of all the other three Thalis, i.e. there isn’t any item in those smaller three thalis which is not here included in this big INR 149 thali. So I mainly concentrated on this one big INR 149 thali 🙂
Now let’s discuss the individual FOOD ITEMS which were there in this big thali. I was blown away by the taste of their very basic Dal Fry. It is definitely the best Dal Fry I’ve ever had in my life, and yes I mean it. It had a flavorful intense aroma, bit sweet yet delicious, goes well with steamed rice or roti. The rotis were very fresh, fluffy and soft, they were not too thick so it’s easy to tear and consume. I would like to specially mention the missi roti which was amazing, bit moist and tender. The rice was well prepared and was not at all sticky, perfect to go with north Indian veg dishes. Now comes the side dishes, there were both gravy and dry side dishes. Among the dry dishes I liked the flavour of the Bhendi masala dish, though I prefer my Bhendis to be a bit more cooked so that they are tad too soft. The gravy dishes had two great dishes – the Sahi paneer was prepared with fresh, soft, bouncy paneer cubes drenched in sweetish creamy gravy, it has a very mild soothing flavor, so you need to clear your palate with some water before tasting this one. The star item was the Parwali Aloo sabji, this well prepared dish with an uniform, super tasty gravy will surely turn out to be one of their signature dishes in coming days. The sweets were awesome as well, the gulab jamuns, sandesh and baked rasagolla, all were amazing. In the end you will realize the food is extremely light on your stomach and easy to digest, kinda revolutionary realization by a devoted non-vegetarian like me! 🙂
IN DAYS TO COME – – – – – There are few points which can be discussed here so that they can be worked upon. As we were discussing with Mr. Verma they are thinking about bringing in non-veg options in their menu. Maybe they can introduce separate non-veg thalis with varied values just like the veg ones. In Kolkata with high Bengali population it is always advisable to keep non-veg dishes in your menu. One simple fish, chicken thali and mutton thali can do wonders to your business. Also egg can be kept in the menu since these days we find several eggetarians around. Also delivering the food hot should be one of the top-most priorities which I’m sure they do everytime.
SUMMARY – – – – – Here are my granular ratings:
Food quantity: 4/5
Food quality: 3.8/5
Food presentation: 3.8/5
Value for money: 4/5
Service: 4/5

For reasons mentioned above I couldn’t rate the packaging and delivery speed part right now. Anyway my overall rating comes close to 3.9 out of 5. No doubt home-made food is the best option for everyone, but if you are not having the same or you are far away from your home, then you can surely go for ‘Homeflavour’ to get your portion of home-made food!


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