Comfort Chinese food – CHOWMAN, Saltlake, Kolkata

A must try if you are in and around Saltlake and if your soul is craving for some great Chinese food! 

AMBIANCE: To start with, this place has got an awesome peaceful ambiance, just the way I like a Chinese joint should be. The place is bit dimly lit that gels so well with the decor. Being an art lover myself, I would say this interior decor (picture below) should be the model for any upcoming Chinese joint, it’s a great source of inspiration for sure.   

SERVICE: When we went in, this food joint was offering certain discounts based on some criteria. The waiters were unaware of these rules. They should know the rules which they themselves have laid down for claiming these discounts. There was one criteria where there will be 10% discount on total bill amount if one person in the group is having birthday on 4th of any month. Our group had one such person. One waiter said there will be 10% discount only on the food which this particular person is consuming, the discount will NOT be there on the total bill amount! We were amazed by this explanation, how are they supposed to measure how much this one person is consuming, and how will they bill that!! Separately? Anyway, this confusion was settled by senior representatives present there and it was agreed that the waiter was ignorant of these rules. Apart from this, the service was good otherwise, they were helpful with the food selection and were aware of the food items they are serving. Also our food came in quite on time, we didn’t have to wait for too long.

FOOD: We had ordered for – Steamed Wanton (Chicken), Konjee Crispy Lamb, Lemon Coriander Thick Soup (veg), Sweet Corn Soup (Chicken), Cantonese Noodles (mixed), Chilly Wine Fish, Chowman’s Special Noodles, Veg Fried Rice, Steamed Crab in Ginger Wine Sauce, Chilly Paneer, Veg Manchurian, Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles (veg).  The veg items were all good, coming to the non-veg starters – The chicken soup was nice but for the wanton – I would have loved the ones which have got thinner covering. The Crispy lamb was good, a tad too crispy though. Among non-veg main course items – we just fell in love with the Mixed Cantonese Noodles and Chilly Wine Fish! They were so simple yet so overwhelming! Chowman Special Noodles was good as well, but I expected my Crab in Ginger Wine Sauce (picture above) to be softer and juicier, the crab pieces were hard to chew, not sure if something had gone wrong, the waiters were unaware though. 

HYGIENE & PRICING: No question about cleanliness of this place, a real neat & well maintained eatery to say the least. Coming to the pricing – the food here is very rightly priced, it couldn’t have been better. For none of the dishes you will feel the price has gone overboard. And may be this can be their USP as well. Premium quality Chinese food at right prices!

OVERALL: This place is a must visit for all Chinese food lovers and for foodies who are looking for some great ambiance. The place has got enough seating capacity so no issues if you come in with a large group. Overall I will give this place 80% positive feedback.

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