Meal at ORIENT, Rajarhat, Newtown

After reading few Zomato reviews of this restaurant, I was really skeptical about this place, and I thought twice before visiting this eatery. But at last we made up our mind to drop in for their Sunday Brunch. And let me say in the beginning itself, we had a nice overall experience.

The place really has a beautiful interior decor (picture above) with remarkable flooring, the personalized cabin concept is really seen less these days and this thing brings back the private and cozy element back into your dining experience which is really appreciated.

Coming to the food ordered, we went in for Sunday buffet brunch. Here they were offering unlimited mock tails which were sadly having only soft drinks and fresh lime soda, no fruit juice, etc was available. The buffet had limited offerings with one soup, salad, three-four veg items, noodles, fried rice, one fish item, one chicken dish and then followed by the dessert (picture below). Though the lesser number of count of food items was eclipsed by the taste of the dishes and overall hygiene of the place. The stir fired veg dish and the fish item deserves special mention.

Though I would like to mention that the waiters can be a bit more attentive and make the dining experience even more better. Also I felt there were less or actually no starters kept in this menu (like momo, chicken starters, etc) that should have been added. The final tax inclusive bill which we had to pay was around Rs.830/- for two.

Final verdict – Go for this Sunday brunch, I think you will not regret.


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