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Here I am back, it has been more than five years since I first posted some crap here on my page. Well, I have been to hell and back during this time. I have seen the lows which I had never even seen in my nightmares, also on the other hand I have been introduced to such moments of bliss that one can only dream of.

Anyway, I am really happy now that I haven’t started blogging regularly five years back! The first post only shows how it would’ve gone (well I’ve deleted that now!). Also now the reason to maintain this blog has changed to some great extents. After all these years I feel the urge to write and share my mind with you, it might be anything actually under the sun, but primarily my posts would circle around my recipes and my food reviews –

Food reviews – I’ll post my Culinary Explorations here and I will be posting reviews on various restaurants which I generally keep on writing for Zomato. I will share only those reviews here which are really worth sharing.

Lists – I am a fan of making lists but most of the times they are not that great 🙂 If I can come up with some meaningful and helpful list (maybe Top 5 or Top 10 list on some food related subject) then I’ll surely post those here in this blog.

Recipes – I might share some recipes, infact only those recipes which I have cooked at my place (and people have appreciated) and have introduced some personal touch n twists in them.

For my poetries, paintings or short stories please go to my another blog:

There are several other topics about which I might just want to share my thoughts but sadly those will not make their place here on this page. But truly speaking, these food exploration and my paintings/writings (on the other mentioned blog) cover me more or less as a person, and if I can actually express myself well then it should be a nice read for you guys as well…. This is the beginning. Welcome to Foodie dada!!!

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