Awesome bangal food – KASTURI, Ballygunge, Kolkata

We had been to Kasturi on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, we reached their around 2pm and found ourselves behind a long queue! We had to wait outside for about 40 minutes and when we went inside we had to wait exactly 10 minutes just for the waiters to clean the table, and then another 20 minutes for the food to get served!! When the dishes came in we were simply starving and uber-impatient! But yes, then the Kochupata Chingri Bhapa did its trick… and we just started hogging the food!

We had ordered for:
Rice, Veg Shukta, Chicken Bata, Chittal Muitha, Doi Hilsa, Hilsa Bhapa, Kochupata Chingri Bhapa, Mutton Dak-bunglow, Pabda Jhol, Aam Panna Shorbot.

Quite an order for a Sunday lunch!! But anyway here I would like to mention that couple of dishes like Chittal Muitha, Kochupata Chingri Bhapa, Hilsa Bhapa were awesome! If you are at Kasturi try out their ‘bata’ dishes. And it’ll be a crime if you don’t try out their Kochupata Chingri Bhapa (picture below). Believe me, I finished one full plate rice with one bowl of Kochupata Chingri Bhapa, it was a gastronomical delight! The prices are very reasonable. Our bill amount was around 2200/-, too cheap for such a mammoth meal!

The ambiance can be improved a lot, the place is bit cramped at present, but they are expanding, will take up another floor in the same building, so after that’s done it’ll be a better place with more space.

The service was not bad, but I guess on a Sunday afternoon the waiters were struggling to cope up with the orders and demand. Otherwise there is nothing bad about their service or behavior.

Regarding the rush and long waiting time which I had mentioned in the beginning, you can easily avoid that if you are at this place on a weekday, else you’ll find this rush on Saturdays and more on Sundays. Minimum waiting time after 1:30PM is around 30 minutes. But whatever maybe the case, it’s worth waiting for the awesome food which is being served inside.

Regarding parking of your cars – you can park them easily on the road bang opposite to this eatery, even on Sundays you’ll find a parking.. maybe 3-4 minutes walking distance away!! 🙂 But you’ll find one.

Overall, this is a great place to be, if you are a bengali (or rather bangal) food lover, this is your holy spot! I rate it 4 out of 5. Such good food at such reasonable rates, well that’s a rare combination. Go for it, and do let me know if this post was helpful.


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